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People choose cosmetic dentistry for different reasons. Some people have generally healthy teeth and choose to change their smile for a dazzling appearance. Others have dental problems and need to restore their teeth to health and full, comfortable function. There are many cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry procedures that can give you the perfect, even teeth that you've always wanted. Whether you are looking to subtly enhance your smile or are in need of more extensive work, your dentist can help you to look and feel more beautiful and confident.

The Fine Art of Dentistry

Every dental restoration (for example a crown, implant, bridge or filling) can be made in such a way as to achieve an aesthetic, natural-looking tooth. But the restoration also has to be able to stand up to the forces of your bite over time. Properly functioning teeth have a specific shape. The upper and lower teeth should fit together well when you close them together.Your Pankey Institute-trained dentist wants to balance the aesthetic results of your smile with functional tooth shapes and to use restorative materials that last as many years as possible.

Planning Your Smile Makeover

Everyone has different concepts of beauty, and this applies to teeth as well. The best possible outcome of any dental service lies in the doctor and care team understanding your desires for your smile. Each patient's treatment plan should be individualized and custom designed to compliment the patient's facial structure, skin and eyes. Your dentist has pursued advanced training in dental aesthetics to confidently guide you in making good choices.Keep in mind that disease, nutrition, occlusal function (your bite), accidental injury, your genetic makeup and other factors affect the appearance of your smile. One of your dentist's objectives will be to solve as many problems as possible, in order to make sure your new smile is optimally healthy and functional so it lasts a long, long time.

A wax-up model of your mouth provides significant information for both you and the dentist, and it will help both of you in this process. The dental team will "take impressions" (make molds) of your mouth and from the molds create a mock-up of your mouth in wax. On this wax, your dentist can modify the shapes and contour of your teeth and examine the changes in three dimensions. This allows your dentist to do a proper and realistic assessment of your bite.

Cosmetic dentistry without regard to the bite (stable occlusion) is asking for failure. The wax-up enables your dentist to properly diagnose your condition and determine what is really the best care for you.

The Actual Makeover

A makeover process may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending upon your needs. It may even be phased over a period of years. Before any extensive smile makeover is performed and while it is in process, your dentist will go to great lengths to ensure the final result will meet or exceed your expectations.
Beautiful and durable temporary restorations are made from hard acrylic in the shape of the pre-approved wax-up. These are adhered to your prepped teeth and can be worn while you "test drive" your new smile for function, comfort, and appearance. This time is important as it gives you and your dentist another opportunity to refine the changes in your teeth for optimal results prior to creation of the final restorations. Your dentist will continue to follow-up with you and ensure that your bite is evenly solid and your expectations are met. Your dentist's happiest moment is when you say you are delighted with the results. Your dentist wants to help you maintain your new smile during the years to come and get the most from your dental investment. You and the dental team you trust will continue to partner to ensure your long term health, comfort and appearance.

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