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The Ultimate Guide to a Beautiful Smile

Let's face it, there's nothing like a straight, bright white smile to make a great first impression. But regular brushing just isn't enough to achieve this type of smile anymore, especially with our love for coffee, wine, saturated food, and habits that stain our teeth every day. The Dellios Dental practice in the Scottsdale and Fountain Hills area specializes in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and teeth whitening. They know exactly what it takes to have a perfect smile, and their list of expert services offers the ultimate guide to getting a beautiful smile with healthy, white, and straight teeth.

Have you ever compared the shade of your teeth to a white piece of paper? Like the majority of people, teeth are a few shades off from being perfectly white or even lean toward a yellow spectrum. This coloration is often due to a mix of habits, genetics, age, and environmental factors.

Dentists can offer simple solutions to teeth whitening that yield quick results. At Dellios Dental, teeth whitening and bleaching fit custom reusable teeth whitening trays that you can take home and use for a few days. This method of teeth whitening often results in a smile that's 4-8 shades whiter. Another method of teeth whitening offered is called BriteSmile. This uses a combination of teeth whitening gel and a low intensity light to get teeth 6-10 shades whiter in about an hour!

Another common desire is to have straight teeth, but braces often aren't a part of that desire. Rest assured, you have more options. Invisalign has the straightening power of braces without the need for all the metal. These clear, removable aligners can restyle your entire smile by straightening up your top and bottom teeth. Now, combine the two aspects cosmetic dentists achieve for their patients. At Dellios Dental, veneers have the power to do both. These thin ceramic shells cover your existing teeth and remain white, straight, strong and perfectly aligned.

Once your dream smile is achieved, it is equally important to maintain it. Healthy teeth and gums are factors that determine the shape and color of your teeth. Take preventative measures and make frequent visits to your dentist. You should see your dentist at least two to three times a year for routine cleanings and checkups.

Address any issues you have with your teeth early. If you grind your teeth at night, have your dentist make you a nightguard to keep from damaging enamel or irritating your gums.

Your smile is an extension of yourself. Invest in what makes you the best you, and carry on with confidence that your beautiful smile is always with you. A visit to Dellios Dental in Fountain Hills is a step toward a healthier, brighter smile.

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